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“Our state needs proven leadership that’s dedicated to helping all Floridians. Kionne McGhee is running to make sure that everyone has access to a high quality education, good paying jobs and a chance to live the American Dream.”


Meet Kionne

Kionne is a husband, father, author, professor, attorney and Democrat who isn’t afraid to stand up and advocate for the issues that matter most.

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Today’s Issues

Floridians need strong leadership that will find solutions to the vital problems our state faces.  We must put aside the failed policies of the past and innovate for the future.

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Stand Up for Florida

“Everyone should have a chance to succeed, but the failed principals that guide our state have only left Florida’s families worse off. We need strong leadership that’s willing to stand up for what’s right.

From the classroom, to the courtroom I’ve dedicated my life to fighting to improve my community. Help me continue to Stand up for Florida by joining my campaign and allowing me to fight for you in Tallahassee”

– Representative Kionne McGhee

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Button Scott

Representative McGhee what location r u at for the sand ... See MoreSee Less

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Nadege Etienne

Greetings Honorable. Please check your inbox on your personal account i sent you an important message.
Dr. Nadege Etienne
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Rep. Kionne L. McGhee

Redemption reminds us that we are not perfect! ... See MoreSee Less


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Nonviolent felons should have the right to vote restored I've already put my name on the ballot and I will vote for it in the midterms

Even though it's not related to this video I have a friend who is a medical marijuana user who lost his concealed weapons permit I also have a friend who is a user of pharmaceuticals specifically painkillers and opioids who is constantly under the influence of them he still has a cwp and Carries his weapon on him while he's under the influence of these dangerous pharmaceutical medications How discriminatory is it that we allow one group of people to continue to have their uninfringed bull right to protect themselves through the Second Amendment but because they choose to not give Pfizer their money and to try more holistic means of medicine such as I want to they lose their right to defend themselves and their second amendment is completely infringed upon I cast my vote for you in 2016 because I believe in your message and I believe that you believe in equality and individuals no matter what choice their treatment is should never have their right to defend them self infringed upon

Your correct.