Jobs and the Economy

As the father of three young children, I understand the responsibility that comes with providing for a family. Coming out of the recession, good jobs are what keep families afloat. A healthy economy is an integral part of keeping our communities prosperous. In Tallahassee, I have been fighting towards an economy that will allow families to come out of poverty, a fair economy for all Floridians.


Education is the pathway to success, and our state must be one that makes accessibility to educational resources a priority. During session, I voted in favor of a provision that would expand funding for the Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholars Award. This provision passed, and because of it, thousands of high-achieving college students in Florida are able to further their education without thinking about the financial burden of tuition. The next step for Florida is to provide more support for students in vocational trades.

Criminal Justice

Our prison systems need serious reform. A successful criminal justice system offers the opportunity for non-violent offenders to become productive and law-abiding members of society upon their release. The conditions in prisons I have visited and toured in Florida are inhumane and unacceptable. Criminal offenders cannot be rehabilitated under conditions in which they are treated like animals. A more effective prison system is the next step in fostering safety in our communities.


From the seafood caught off our coasts to our signature Florida oranges, the farmers in our state feed the world. The 48,000 farms across our state form an exceptional network of professionals devoted to making sure Florida is a top producer of grapefruit, oranges, sugarcane, bell peppers, fresh market tomatoes, and beef cows. It is the hard work of the people tending to our crops, fish, and cattle that allow Florida to be the agricultural haven it is today. In order for the agricultural industry to continue to succeed here in Florida, it is our responsibility to offer the most support we can to the men and women running our farms.


Based on new research in energy technology, Florida is a prime state to explore alternative sources of energy. Nicknamed the Sunshine State, it makes sense for Florida to start investing in solar power. With the growing popularity of solar energy, increasing the accessibility to the equipment necessary for harnessing solar power will bring jobs to our state. We must also work to protect the best of Florida’s natural resources and complex ecosystems. Home to the Everglades National Park and Siesta Key, the #1 beach in America, Florida is a marvel of beautiful wildlife and natural resources. As our state continues to adapt to the planet’s ever-changing conditions, we must do all we can to ensure the beauty and resources of Florida is secure for our future generations to enjoy.

Civil Rights

I believe in equal rights for all Floridians regardless of race, sex, or sexual orientation. In Tallahassee, my proposal to erect a slavery memorial on the grounds of the Florida Capitol was unanimously passed in committee. During these times of racial divide in America, it is in our character as Floridians to lead by example on this important issue.